Welcome to WP Havering

More specifically, welcome to the all new, shiny and spangly WP Havering website.

This WP Havering website is basically here to fulfil a number of functions:

  1. To keep everyone updated and informed about how, when, and where you can be involved with our friendly meetup group
  2. To allow us all to develop, share and showcase our WordPress skills
  3. To give me another platform where I can write stuff that people might read

Even more specifically, this web adventure began tonight, on the 15th August, at around 8pm, just before pizza arrived and distracted us all. I have a cat called Pizza, but she was busy tucked up at home. And most likely nowhere near as tasty as Papa Johns. I wouldn’t like to try and find out, if I’m honest – which I am, so I won’t.

What does WP Havering do?

Anyway, so far we have:

  • installed WordPress
  • looked at various different themes, and their functionality (we have for the moment settled on the current yearly WordPress theme but this is very likely to change in the coming months as we fiddle around with it and make everything look AWESOME)
  • added two pages – a home page which is currently beautiful white blankness, and this blog page, which now of course has some fantastic text to fill it up
  • explored basic SEO and analytics plugins, and installed them
  • procured some social media buttons and stuck them in the middle of the beautiful white blankness ; AND
  • Richard the Third has taken some photos, which will soon be added to this site

Next month, who knows what will happen?

The only certainty is that there will be pizza, and it still won’t involve my cat.

Why not come along and find out where we go from here…

A final note about WP Havering

Building this website is not the only thing WP Havering do. We also support each other to grow our knowledge, work on niggly little problems affecting each of our individual WordPress related projects, and ensure that we keep local pizza companies in business (well, on the second Tuesday of each month, anyway). Members of the group range from novice to expert users, and are from a wide range of backgrounds and fields – it’s a great way to learn new things and meet new people.

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